- Mai

Das neue Set von Sebastian Heck, DJ und Fotograf, im



"The first edition of takes you onto a journey through sounds from all over the world. Picking up slowly with some exotic percussions it makes its way through dubby mid-tempo and faster funk tracks from different places often adding unexpected vocals, that complemente the groove naturally.

This perfectly culminates in a German Christian Disco vocal song from the 70s that works great despite any potential contradictions between the themes of “German Christian” and “Disco”. Connecting these different eras and styles is the focus of this first episode of thereby easily building musical bridges between them (and eventually – literally – taking you to them)."

Marten Westphal (DJ Deichgraf)

Hört rein und schwingt euch schonmal warm! Ein perfektes Set für Sonnenschein und lange, helle Tage.